Friday, April 14, 2017

The Green Energy Fund Latin America has secured funding commitments for the mega project in Costa Rica of the Dry Canal or 'Canal Seco' which will change in name and concept to the 'Green Canal' or 'Canal Verde' under the leadership and technological integration of the Green Energy Fund and Sterling Capital Advisors.  This project will involve the coordination of 3 major ports, airports and a contiguous 5 km wide and 320 km long stretch of  land concession from coast to coast.

Time is money and if freight logistics companies can save 3 days by going to Costa Rica, rather than waiting in line at the Panama Canal then the free enterprise system will offer a new option for transporting containers.  


These funds are under the control and management of Green Energy Fund Latin America under the Leadership of Green Energy Fund partners: 
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Thursday, November 3, 2016

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From: The Green  Energy Fund ( ) in Joint forces with, Volkert Global ( ) ,


What:  The Green Energy Fund (GEF) announces successful project funding of Five Hundred Million US dollars ($500,000,000)  to fund a 30 Megawatt Eco-Gen carbon free, base load Power Plant  Project Funded for Argentina.

Where: Buenos Aires Argentina.

Brief: Eco-Morocco, The Green Energy Fund (GEF) in joint forces with Volkert Global are  proud to announce the project funding approval from Trust Management Services from Canada for a USD  $500,000,000 for a long-term power plant of 30 MW power plant in Argentina where the Power Purchase Agreement has already been signed.

GEF is passionate about delivering renewable, carbon free, base load green energy to the world and revolutionizing the way we create energy by utilizing electromagnetic technology. This 30 MW power plant will employ local energy technicians to begin the carbon free base load electricity revolution in South America utilizing magnetic technology to transform the power industry. They are calling this revolution MAGNETOLUTION to market, install and manage the ‘first generation’ electromagnetic energy Hybrid Generator for the inventor/manufacturer, energy prototype located in Van Nuys, California.

The GEF will be employing strategic alliance and REVPAC modelling inspired by Gibraltar Capital and will start with the proven Technology as the first product that is ready to go to market. .  

According to a recent Bloomberg Study, 70% of new global power capacity added thru 2030 will be renewable:

The Green Energy Fund will be successful because we have built a core foundation on 4 pillars of strength:
  1. Sound/proven state of the art renewable green energy solutions that use revolutionary technologies called magnetolution  to create energy...with 3 other unrelated and non-competing technologies that  are coming online over the next 3 years. All installations come with a 100% gold backed insurance wrap removing investment risk from the installation.

  1. Sound/proven bankable power instruments called a Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) that ensure the payment for 20 years for the contractual purchase/sale of green energy.

  1. Sound/proven banking alliances with joint forces at the international banking level with investment instruments backed by gold. In the future each Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contract for venture capital funding through a safe investment instrument called IBOE, along with infrastructure project debt financing from EXIM Bank or Asia Development Bank.

  1. Sound/proven concepts for worldwide marketing and sales called Strategic Alliance Partners or  Protocol Agreements with Texas Holdings Inc..

Technology Proof of Concept: Only to be leased in power plant installations of 1 MW and up to  100 MW per location, is recommended for national power plant generation. Notable test results from Intertek, has proved a gold standard in reliability testing. A recommendation letter from  Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Dr Clark-- a champion for green energy solutions says that “the world needs the technology invented by a team in California. The Green Energy Fund plans to mobilize the units in Argentina to lower transmission grid losses, ie, ‘load shedding’ problems and to provide cleaner more reliable carbon free electricity on a 24/7/365 day basis.  Our technology can significantly increase output based on the customizable scalability of the local substation power plant needs.”

GEF has PPA negotiations throughout the world with strong sales contracts in the  Philippines, Costa Rica, South Africa, South Korea, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, Canada.

The management team,with Volkert Global as the lead engineering firm with Said Kamal, Mark B. Henderson, Gary D. Henderson, David A.L. Smith and Bruce L Park who have worked together with Texas Holdings Inc. for Green Energy projects around the world.  This management team has helped make such world famous companies as Verizon, Whole Foods, Ikea and Walmart into clean energy companies. Whole Foods, America’s biggest natural foods company, saved more than 30% on their energy costs in New Jersey and in the process became one of America’s greenest companies.

The Green Energy Fund anticipates replacing a solar panel project already approved in Argentina on this critical carbon free base load Power Plant in the next 30-60 days with a two phase construction project anticipated. Phase One will be a 1 MW Power Plant and the construction of a 30-50 MW building and Phase Two will be an expansion to 30 MW or more to power the critical energy requirements of Argentina.

For more information on this project please contact either Mark Henderson, President of the Green Energy Fund or David A.L. Smith, the Chairman of the Green Energy Fund.


Mr. Mark B Henderson: Tel: +63 915 681 3089 (the Philippines). Email: Skype: Markbhenderson

Mr. David A.L. Smith: Tel: (303) 885-1134. Email: Skype: davidalsmith